We are excited to be offering personalized clinics for one on one and group rates.

The focus will be to develop basic forms and techniques that will keep you playing Disc Golf for life.  Throwing with improper form will not only cause you to throw an errant shot but does damage to the body.  Pulling and tearing at muscles in the wrong direction. Creating proper muscle memory to repeat your favorite shots will vastly improve your game.  We will also gladly focus on specific areas you may be having trouble with. 

I feel the use of video as a tool is very important to show your form and proper techniques.  It takes a trained eye to pick up on possible issues within every form. Capturing video from different angles and breaking down those sequences is one of the best ways to diagnose a player's form.  Personally, I was amazed when I started to video myself during training sessions.  Watching those shots and remembering how they felt was one of the best tools for my self-diagnosis.  It is very important for us to understand what our bodies are actually doing.  I can explain how to throw a shot.....you must imagine how you LOOK throwing that perfect shot.  Then be able to repeat it :)

Basic Techniques-

New players and those still getting a handle on the basics:

-Putting  (grip and stance, setup and delivery, weight transfer)

-Upshots/Midrange (basic form and technique)

-Drives (Backhand, Forehand, Hyzers, Anhyzers etc)

Advanced Techniques-

  These skills are aimed at those players looking to take their games to the next level:

-Putting (Spin vs Push, Straddle, Crouched, Knee, Backwards etc)

-Upshots/Midranges (Trick Shots, Mental Approach, Rollers, Recovery etc)

-Drives (Distance, 360 Spins, Rollers, Trick Shots etc)



1 on 1 Session + post clinic Video production on Youtube-

-$30 (1-2 hrs)

1 on 1 Session + Video breakdown on site-

-$20 (1-2 hrs)

Group Rates (4 people minimum)-

-$50 (2-3 hrs)

+$10/each additional person

Please get in touch today to discuss your options.

-Andrew Rich, 26 years old

-12 year PDGA Touring Professional

-2x Oregon Series Champion

-250+ career tournaments played


From left to Right: Kaya (my Ridgeback), Andrew Rich, Cale Leiviska, Ken Climo, Melody King, Dave Feldberg.

 @ Crater Lake, Oregon during the National Tour 2009.  Quick stop between the Master's Cup and Beaver State Fling :)